Products for solar photovoltaic systems

PV system 100% Mexican, IUSASOL manufactured by the Group IUSA warranty, compound: Panel solar, installation base, microinversor, UV protection cable and hardware. Optionally also we have bidirectional meters. Ideal to reduce their consumption rates DAC.

Photovoltaic solar panels premium (IUSASOL), with the necessary certifications and a wide power range. To transform the energy received from the sun into electricity.

A wide range of solar charge controllers or regulators and maximizing, to meet any need. Are responsible for monitoring the battery charging, extending the useful life of the solar batteries. Maximizers it, also, increase production by 20-25%.

Accumulators monoblock sellados (gel). Stationary batteries of vessels. Open (OPzS) sealed (OPzV = gel) Contact our staff. Accumulation of energy generated by the photovoltaic panels. All possible capacities and with different technologies.

The investors SumVerter, pure sine wave, LCD, reverse polarity protection, low consumption, quick setup and easy. Featured on consumption in isolated systems 120 V and 60Hz (lighting, TV set, blender,washer ,Refrigerator, mobile charger, computer, etc.) Wide range of powers 1,2 KVA's 5KVa.

Inverter DC / AC inverter-chargers and Victron SumSol and facilities for isolated. Transforman the corriente alterna (120Vac/60Hz) the energy received from the battery, which it is in direct current (12, 24 from 48 Vcc). They may also include a battery charger (fed from a generator, for example): Sumverter SVC, Multiplus y Four. Connection in parallel and / or phase.

Investor Network Interconnection

Investors systems interconnection for CFE (On-Grid) Ingecon Sun and all accessories. To transform the power received from the panels to the appropriate voltage and frequency to be injected to the electricity network.

Solar submersible pumps for deep well, Self-priming and surface, to lift water from a well or pump, increase the pressure in a hydraulic circuit, debug pools or pools, decanting water, management ponds, APR (agua potable rural), Solar agricultural irrigation, etc.

The mini-hydro turbines having PowerSpout 1 a 1,2 kW of rated power, direct voltages of 12/24/48 / 120V or even 350-400V. Its peak power is 1.6kW. The flow of water that each turbine can handle two water inlets (injectors) to further increase its efficiency and performance, which is between 0,25 and 8 liters per second.