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Cursos gratuitos de formación

In order that photovoltaic systems enjoy a full performance warranty , SumSol performs training courses for installers, where instructed on the product, and systems to be installed in different applications. This course SumSol, deliver a diploma SumSol authorized installer and you can access your customer area with the inclusion of your company on the web page SumSol corporate and advertising materials. The next course will be to make the month of November and is a basic agenda for concepts of solar energy and its applications and familiarity with installation elements.

This course try the following agenda:

  • 1. Concepts and Basic Principles
  • 2. Components Photovoltaic Solar Installations
  • 3. Type, Design and Calculation of solar photovoltaic installations
  • 4. Installation and maintenance of solar photovoltaic installations
  • 5. Law and Economic Analysis of Photovoltaic Solar Installations

Will be sent once the full agenda has sent your application form.
After completing the course you will be part of the Network Installers SumSol Mex.

If you are a professional solar energy is not required during.

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